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Code of conduct

Values and code of conduct for participants

The Union’s values are:

  • Quality: we deliver our services and products to the highest possible standards.
  • Accountability: we are responsible stewards of resources and deliver on our commitments.
  • Independence: we maintain the freedom to pursue innovation and are guided by the best evidence to improve the health of the poor.
  • Solidarity: we stand together as one Union to overcome the greatest challenges to improve health among the communities we serve.

Based on these values, we have developed the following code of conduct for all delegates, exhibitors, community partners and participants:

  1. The conference provides space for participation, freedom of expression and community involvement.
  2. We seek to encourage debate and dialogue among all conference participants, respecting each others’ diverse views. The programme will include conference sessions and activities for various voices to be heard.
  3. We support peaceful demonstration as part of this respectful debate, so long as such action does not disrupt the running of the conference and enjoyment of participation by all.
  4. We encourage dialogue among participants and organisers to increase and facilitate participation, and to minimise and manage any disruption. We will consult closely with activist and advocacy organisations, sponsors and local partners.
  5. In the event of undue or extended disruption of conference sessions or symposia, or complaints from other participants, The Union organisers may ask participants to cease any disruptive activities. If disruption persists, venue security will be informed and appropriate action taken.
  6. We do not tolerate threats or harassment aimed at other delegates and exhibitors, or damage to property anywhere in the venue, including defacement or alteration of exhibition stands.
  7. All conference participants are subject to the laws applicable in the host country, and violence, abuse or criminal damage may be reported to the police.

This document is posted on the conference website, available to exhibitors and displayed at the on-site registration counter.

Key contacts:

Nicky Redmond, Global Director of Conferences –

Meaghan Derynck, Civil Society and Advocacy Lead –

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