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Conference Format

  • TBScience 2019: Tuesday and Wednesday, 29-30 October

    The Union is pleased to host the second annual TBScience pre-conference, an official event entirely devoted to basic and translational tuberculosis (TB) research.

    TBScience brings together scientists from microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, pharmacology, epidemiology and mathematical modelling to present and discuss recent findings on TB transmission, infection and disease. Additional focus is also given to the development of better vaccines, new drugs and diagnostics for TB.

  • The 8th President's Centennial Dinner: Tuesday, 29 October

    The President’s Centennial Dinner is held annually in conjunction with the Union World Conference on Lung Health as part of the Centennial Campaign 2012–2020. The Centennial Dinner will be held on Tuesday, 29 October. The event raises funds for The Union’s continued work in public health research and education.

    Registration for the President’s Centennial Dinner will open shortly. Find out more about The Union’s Centennial Campaign.

  • Day 1: Wednesday, 30 October

    Post-graduate courses and workshops – Pre-registration is required. Workshops are free for registered delegates, but there is an additional fee of 120-150 euros for post-graduate courses. Those who register for workshops/courses will receive passes that admit them to their selected session(s).

    Inaugural Ceremony and Welcome Reception – Open to all registered delegates.

  • Days 2-4: Thursday to Saturday, 31 October - 2 November

    Sessions and meetings: Symposia; oral, poster and e-poster discussion sessions; plenary sessions; and ‘meet the expert’ sessions; as well as Union scientific section, region and business meetings. Badges are required to attend these sessions. Delegates without badges will be denied access to the venue.

    Technical exhibition: A scientific and technical exhibition will showcase a variety of companies, agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), health organisations and manufacturers of materials and equipment. Open to all registered delegates.

    Community Space: a dedicated space for community involvement and grassroots activism within the conference where community activists, civil society, local organisations and others come together with scientists, researchers and policy-makers to rally for a common cause. Participation is open to all conference delegates and the public free of charge, the Community Space will host events, encourage discussion and inspire activism and change. Participation is open to individuals and local and international groups of all sizes who are committed to improving lung health for everyone.

    Closing Ceremony: A review of the scientific highlights of the conference. Open to all registered delegates. 

Attend the latest Union World Conference