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We encourage our community of advocates and health workers to help us get the word out about the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health. This toolkit is designed to guide communications efforts and promotion for all those willing to support us.


  • The 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health will take place in Hyderabad, India, from 30 October to 2 November 2019.
  • The conference is expecting to see 6,000 researchers, global advocates, scientists, healthcare professionals, students and community members working on all aspects of lung health.
  • The conference theme, ‘Ending the Emergency: Science, Leadership, Action’, focuses on what is needed to ensure commitments become action, and that lifesaving targets are met.
  • As host country to the conference, India provides a unique backdrop to discussions on ending TB and lung disease with the current highest burden of TB in the world, and ambitious targets to eliminate TB by 2025.
  • The conference theme resonates strongly with TB, but it also raises awareness that all threats to lung health – TB, air pollution, tobacco and many more – are emergencies that our science, leadership and action needs to meet head on.

How to get involved:

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The @TheUnion_TBLH World Conference on Lung Health is the largest global gathering on lung health issues, including #tuberculosis, #tobaccocontrol, and more. Join us in Hyderabad for #UnionConf. Registration:

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#Tuberculosis is the world’s most infectious disease killer, accounting for 1.6M lives annually. Join us at #UnionConf – new solutions, new dialogues. #EndTB

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#UnionConf will be in Hyderabad, 30 October to 2 November. Join the conversation, follow @UnionConference

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“#UnionConf is a critical opportunity for all those working on #tuberculosis and other chronic lung diseases to come together and share research, successes and responses to existing and new challenges,” says @JLCastroGarcia, Executive Director, @TheUnion_TBLH

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We must progress towards greater funding and investment, new #R&D for #tuberculosis solutions, greater political will to #EndTB. Join #UnionConf and have your say

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What will be the vital issues at #UnionConf? #childhoodTB #asthma #COPD #airpollution #NoTobacco Join the debate:

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“#UnionConf is an important opportunity for hundreds of participants to coordinate their responses to global lung health challenges and connect the science community with broader networks and audiences” says @ChakayaJM, President @TheUnion_TBLH

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The Union World Conference has been leading the way in innovative thinking and scientific progress since its origins in the nineteenth century. Be part of that history and join #UnionConf:

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Join over 6,000 healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers and civil society activists at the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health, the largest global gathering on lung health issues. Visit the for latest news, registration details and how to get involved.

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