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Guidelines for e-poster presenters

Please find below important information regarding your e-poster discussion presentation, including technical specifications, tips and guidelines to follow. For any queries, please contact the Conference Secretariat at

General Information

  • Authors must bring their acceptance letter with them to the conference.
  • Updates may be shared during the presentation but no modifications can be made to the submitted abstract.
  • Any author unable to attend their presentation must notify The Union at least one month before the date of presentation by emailing
  • Authors who fail to inform The Union of a cancellation may not be accepted in future submissions for the Union World Conference.
  • It is strictly forbidden to present abstracts whose content is to be published or publicly presented before presentation at the 50th Union World Conference. Please read our Conference Embargo Policy.

Relevant Specifications

  • All presenters must prepare one slide outlining key findings and conclusions.
  • E-posters will be displayed on a 65-inch screen, in portrait.
  • The presenting author must be in front of their slide and prepared to speak and answer any questions during their allocated session time. Each person is allocated three minutes presentation time.
  • E-posters should be clear, well-organised, informative and concise and should include all necessary information (title, methods, research, literature, etc.)
  • Presenters must be mindful and respectful of their time slot and not exceed the time constraints.
  • Presenters must follow the structure of the e-poster template provided, but can adjust the font size and sections if the content doesn’t fit.
  • Presenters must arrive to the allocated e-poster stand at least 10 minutes prior to its start to introduce themselves to the session chair, ensure their slide has been correctly uploaded and discuss any questions about the available equipment and set-up.

Uploading slide presentations

  • All presentations must be uploaded before the session and may not be brought to the e-poster area on a USB drive.
  • Each presenter should have received a link with login details and a template to upload their e-poster slide.
  • Slides must be uploaded before Monday, 30 September.

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