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Invitation Letters

Letters of invitation can only be requested through our online registration system.

If you have any questions about letters, please contact

There are two types of letters that can be requested:

  • Letters of invitation for internal approval procedures.
  • Letters of invitation for visa applications.


  • Information should be entered exactly as it is shown on your passport.
  • Double check all the information you enter carefully. It will appear as entered, including obvious errors.
  • For visa letter purposes your passport must be valid for at least six months after your trip to India has been completed.
  • Letters of invitation can only cover the official dates of the conference. Any travel requirements outside of the conference dates must be explained in your visa application.

Processing time and delivery

Once the letter of invitation has been requested online, an automatic email acknowledgement will be sent immediately to the submitter.

The deadline to request a visa letter is 20 September.

Applying for your visa

All non-Indian citizens need to apply for visa. Once you have your letter of invitation, you need to apply for your visa. Delegates are responsible for making their own arrangements for getting a visa.

Attend the latest Union World Conference