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Visa Information

All foreign nationals entering India will require a valid visa. Delegates are responsible for obtaining their own valid visa before travelling.

Applying for a visa

Delegates are advised to follow this guidance, to ensure visa applications are successful:

There are several types of visas available for entry to India. Delegates are advised to choose the one that best suits their needs, following the advice here and on the Indian visa application website.

Based on our experience we would not recommend applying for an e-conference visa to enter India. As this visa is intended for use by those attending official government events and does not apply to the Union World Conference.

If available to you, the easiest visa to obtain is an e-business visa. These visas can be applied for online and have relatively easy documentation requirements. We would encourage delegates to ask their local Indian Embassy or Consulate about these options if you have questions about your eligibility. In order to apply for this, visa applicants need to upload a scan of their passport, a scan of their business card, and a recent colored photograph (dimensions 2in X 2in) size less than 1MB. A sample e-visa application form is available here.

Alternatively, delegates may be eligible to apply for a regular/paper business or regular/paper conference visa. In order to obtain a regular/paper visa, you must visit an Indian Embassy or Consulate. Instructions for completing an online application and scheduling an appointment at the appropriate Indian Mission are available on the Indian Visa website here.

We would also encourage paying close attention to the details of your application making sure to provide all required documents and requested information. Different visas have different document requirements so please check online or consult your local Indian Embassy or Consulate before submitting your application.

Please note: Participants from Afganistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Sudan may need to make special arrangements and get further clearance to obtain a visa for entry into India and attendance at the conference. Please make sure you have consulted with the appropriate Embassy or Consulate of India and allow for ample time for your application to be reviewed. We would strongly encourage any delegates that fall within this category to submit their application for a visa by 28 August 2019.

Please contact for further assistance if needed.


When applying for visa, delegates may be required to provide supporting letters:

  1. A conference invitation letter, which can be requested through the conference registration system.
  2. A clearance letter from the Indian Ministry of Health.
  3. A clearance letter from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.
  4. A clearance letter from the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs.

If you need any support, please email

Contact information for visa applications

Venue address:
Hyderabad and Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) Novotel & HICC Complex, Izzathnagar, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081, India

Contact person:
Praveen Kumar Kokne
The Union South-East Asia Office
C-6, Qutub Institutional Area
110016 New Delhi
Phone: (+91) 11 46 054 400

For assistance, please email


Please note: many countries recommend vaccinations before travel to India. Check your country foreign office website for advice.

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