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Community Connect Submission Guidelines

Submissions are now closed

The Community Connect is a vibrant area where community activists, scientists, students, civil society and others come together to network, exchange ideas, discuss solutions and inspire action towards our common goals of ending tuberculosis, reducing tobacco use and improving lung health globally.

Open to the public free of charge, Community Connect is located at the entrance to the conference venue and will include sessions, a discussion area, exhibition stands and cultural celebrations, from Wednesday 30 October to Saturday 2 November.

To get involved, submit a proposal for Community Connect and join this vital global meeting.

Submissions will be reviewed by an independent body of reviewers.

Session Type

When submitting a proposal for Community Connect you must select from the following types of activity:

  • Sessions: Panel discussions, interactive presentations, skill building sessions or testimonials with one or more speakers. These sessions can be up to 120 minutes long and the setting is theatre style. The use of the room and technical support is free of charge.
  • Cultural Activities: Cultural expressions including dance, music, theatre or an art display. Depending on the needs of these sessions, a suitable space will be assigned on the Community Connect area. Each cultural activity should last no longer than 120 minutes, though art displays or exhibits may run over several days, depending on the number accepted.
  • NGO Exhibition: Exhibition spaces for civil society organisations working in all areas of lung health. These showcase spaces must be staffed by someone from the exhibiting organisation for the entire duration of the conference. Organisations are not permitted to sell any items, including food or drink.
  • Networking activity: Panel discussions or networking sessions aimed at provoking audience participation with a maximum duration of 120 minutes. These sessions take place in an arena style space, allowing for collaboration from all participants.

Session Tracks

When submitting a proposal for Community Connect you will need to select one of the following tracks:

  • TB
  • HIV
  • Tobacco
  • Adult & Child Lung Health
  • Air pollution
  • Other (if choosing this category, please explain how this relates to lung health)

If you have any questions, contact 

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