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Post-Graduate Courses

A range of post-graduate courses will take place on Wednesday 30 October at the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health. Details are now online and outlined below. Places are limited and pre-registration is required for these post-graduate courses.

Reserve your space for post-graduate courses when you register for the conference. If you have already registered, login and update your registration. Go to ‘registration’, then ‘new/edit registration’. Click ‘edit’ and you will be able to add courses or workshops.

Post-Graduate Courses

Update on clinical and programmatic management of MDR- and XDR-TB

This course presents cutting edge strategies for clinical and programmatic management of MDR TB for the front-line clinician, nurse, epidemiologist, laboratorian and program manager based on the current WHO guidelines. It will use case-based and didactic presentations to illustrate ways to implement the most recent internationally recommended practices to address the challenges of MDR TB diagnosis, treatment and care. Find out more and register to attend the course.

Innovation in Action: Application of the ECHO Virtual Community of Practice Model to Address TB Across the Lifespan, TB Data 4 Action, and TB Advocacy

In this Post-Graduate course participants will be introduced to the basic principles and components of the ECHO model and review examples of the adaptation of the model in a variety of TB epidemic contexts in both high and low burden settings.

This course is ideal for TB Program Managers and educators who are working to strengthen national TB health workforce capacity will learn about an innovative, evidence-based, tested model for education, training, advocacy, workforce development and program quality improvement. Register to attend the course.

An introduction to tuberculosis modelling

This course is designed for individuals interested in modelling TB and the impact of TB care and prevention programmes. It will introduce participants to the basic structure, assumptions, principles, and concepts of TB modelling, including key aspects of the natural history of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the impact and cost-effectiveness of TB care and prevention programmes. Find out more and register to attend the course

Childhood Tuberculosis – Basics of Diagnosis and Management

This comprehensive course aims to equip post graduates as well as practicing paediatricians with enough knowledge and skills to: diagnose and manage common forms of TB including Drug resistant TB; on preventive therapy and HIV TB coinfection. Find out more and register to attend the course

Gender Integration for TB Programming—Essential Elements for Achieving Sustainable Health Outcomes; with examples from India

This practical and participatory course is designed to help colleagues working in TB to understand how gender dynamics influence health outcomes and how to address gender gaps and opportunities in global health programs and services effectively. During this course, participants practice using a range of tools to strengthen gender integration in TB programming. Find out more

TBdata4action – Making sense and use of routine TB data for management

Course participants will learn the importance of collecting and recording quality TB data, acquire skills in analysis of local routine data which is directly linked to management at facility, district and provincial levels through practical examples, how to carry out data-driven supportive supervision and performance review meetings and how to roll out the approach in countries.

The approach strengthens implementation of the End TB Strategy by focusing on the facility level where TB patients are increasingly being diagnosed and treated, and district level which monitors the network of facilities, identifying both “hot” and “cold” spots where early TB case detection should be strengthened. Find out more

Visit the online programme for the full details on all available post-graduate courses.

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