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Satellite Sessions

Satellite sessions are organised and supported by individuals, non-profit groups, organisations, or commercial entities. The Union offers these groups the opportunity to showcase their work, research and programmes, or draw more attention to a specific subject or area by organising a satellite.

Satellite sessions will be held from Thursday, 31 October – Saturday, 02 November, outside of the core programme hours.

All satellite sessions will be reviewed for compliance with The Union’s mission and vision.

There will be two rounds of review and notification. Satellite sessions submitted in the first round will have priority in the selection of time slots. Space permitting, there will be a second round of submissions.

The session organiser is responsible for all aspects of the session, including communicating with speakers and promptly informing the Secretariat of changes.

The satellite session organiser should ensure costs for travel, accommodation and registration for the speakers and chairpersons will be covered.

Full payment must be made within six weeks of approval. If no payment is received, the slot will be allocated to another satellite.

Read the satellite submission guidelines

Rooms & Rates

75 minutes 90 minutes
Less than 200 participants 12,000 € 16,000 €
200 – 300 participants 15,000 € 20,000 €
More than 300 participants 45,000 €

Key Dates

Deadline for first round of submissions: 12 July
Notification of first round: Mid-July
Deadline for second round of submissions: 13 September
Notification of second round: Mid-September


Having carefully reviewed the guidelines, make your submission here:

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