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Satellite submission guidelines

Satellite submissions are open until 12 July

Your session must be submitted under one of the official tracks for the conference, found here:

List of tracks
Satellite Guidelines
Session dates Thursday, 31 October – Saturday, 02 November
Session location Main conference venue. The rooms will be allocated based on indicated maximum number of attendees on the first-come, first-served basis according to the round of submission. The desired room layout should be selected during online submission process, but due the space limitation the Secretariat reserves the right to make a final decision about the room layout in order to maximise attendance and allow the presentation of multiple sessions in the same room throughout the day.
Session duration Satellite sessions are scheduled outside of core conference hours for 75 minutes in the morning or 90 minutes in the evening.
Chairs and coordinators Satellite Sessions should have at least one and up to two chairs. They will be responsible for coordinating the session, communicating with speakers, promptly communicating with the Secretariat about changes and chairing or co-chairing the session.
Speakers The maximum number of presentations is five.
Session description The Union offers to individuals, nonprofit groups, organisations, or commercial entities the opportunity to showcase their work, research and programmes, or draw more attention to a specific subject or area by organising a satellite session. The sponsor of a satellite session is to be identified and mentioned by the time of the submission process. Describe the overall objective of the session in 100 words or less (minimum of 10, maximum of 100).
Presentation description A short description of 150 words or fewer should be submitted for each presentation.
Biographies A biography of no more than 100 words must be submitted for each proposed speaker. The presentation description and biography will be considered for publication in the Abstract Book and in the online programme and the app for the latter.
Submission Online submission “here” will be open from 01 March. Satellite sessions submitted before 12 July will receive notification by 18 July. If there are spaces remaining, there will be a second round of reviewing for sessions submitted between 13 July and 13 September. Notifications for the second round will be sent by 18 September.
Reviewing The session will be reviewed for compliance with The Union’s mission and vision. There will be two rounds of review and notification. Proposals submitted in the first round will be given priority in slot selection.
Contact with submitters Please make sure that you enter the active email address of the coordinators and speakers. All communication will be made with this email address.
Attendance The satellite session organiser should ensure costs of travel, accommodation and registration for the speakers and chairpersons will be covered. Full payment should be made within six weeks of approval. If no payment is received, the slot will be allocated to another satellite.
Use of non stigmatising language The Union is committed to promoting patient-centred language in all conference abstracts and presentations. When drafting your submission, The Union requests that you follow the guidelines laid out in the Stop TB Partnership’s publication, Suggested Language and Usage for Tuberculosis Care, Communications and Publications.
Key stigmatising words/phrases will be highlighted in your submission for consideration and amendment if appropriate. Please note, abstracts using stigmatising language will be penalised in the review process.

Rooms & Rates

Regular time (75 minutes) Prime time (90 minutes)
Less than 200 participants € 12,000 € 16,000
200 – 350 participants € 15,000 € 20,000
Up to 600 participants —– € 45,000
Non-commercial organisations with limited budgets may be eligible for discounted rates. Please talk to our team for details.

Exclusive ‘Plenary Hall’ Sessions (up to 600 participants): Prime time, 90 minutes €45,000

On Thursday 31 October and Friday 1 November, showcase your work through exclusive use of the Plenary Hall, which seats up to 600 people. There are only two prime time satellite sessions available, one each day, so make sure to book early.


Having carefully reviewed the guidelines above, make your submission here:

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